Our family sewing shop is located in the heart of Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania, an historic town that’s full of character and natural beauty. Come and visit us and explore the place that we call home!

Mount Gretna is…

  • A special place for year-round enjoyment.
  • A special place to live or visit.
  • A moment in time, for all time.
  • A hidden treasure.
  • A magical place of splendid serenity.

These are just some of the phrases used to describe the community of Mount Gretna. Here are a few more:

A Chautauqua Community

Originally founded in the 1890’s, Mt. Gretna was established as a Chautauqua community. The stated mission was to provide “The advancement of literary attainment and the promotion of popular culture.” For well over 100 years, the community of volunteers has continued to fulfill this mission.

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The Mount Gretna Area Historical Society was formed to preserve and provide educational facilities and programs.