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1Can I leave my tablecloth outside?
We do not recommend that you leave anything outside for any extended time, as nothing is mold or mildew proof. Mildew and mold will form between the surface of the table and the underside of any cloth, especially in an environment with temperature changes, moisture, and shade. All cloths when wet should be exposed to air and sun and allowed to dry. Never fold and store a wet or damp cloth.
2Who makes your products?
All of our products, with the exception of some of the embroidered towels, are made for us by several small family sewing shops in France and one in Spain. Our embroidered towels are made with Turkish terrycloth, and the embroidery is French or in Turkish.
3Where does your tissue (fabric) come from?
Our tissues come from weave mills and print shops in Europe. All of our Provençal print collections are French. Many of these collections are very old and are owned and made by the families who created them. In fact, there is a museum dedicated to Provençal "Tissue" in Tarascon, France.

The Jacquards and peques come from weave mills in France, Spain and occasionally Belgium
4What is Acrylic-coating?
Acrylic-coating is a process in which a powdered acrylic is heat-treated, then infused into cotton tissue. This process makes the cotton tissue fade and stain resistant.
5What is Jacquard?
Jacquard, the "weavers' art," is a woven cloth in which the design is part of the weave. This cloth is woven on a loom fitted with a Jacquard head. The Jacquard material we use is constructed with yarn that is treated with Dupont Teflon® fabric protector, and are so noted.
6What is a Cadre?
Cadre is a base cloth with a hand cut and applied border, sometimes a center. The tissue (fabric) used to create this tablecloth is whatever the artist chooses.
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