Coated verse Treated fabric, Buyer Beware! When reading a web page add or listing to a salesperson describing the qualities of the fabric a tablecloth is made of there is a difference between coated and treated and there are different types of coating and treatments. A coated tablecloth which is made of French fabric is generally treated with an Acrylic, a type of Thermal Plastic polymer. The coating is applied with a thickened liquid evenly on the required surface and then dried. The dried fabric is passed through the Curing chamber to improve the coating durability. Acrylics are mostly compounded with Water Repellent agents for better results. Advantages of acrylic coated tablecloths: resistance to most liquids and spills, Easily wiped clean, is machine washable, but not necessary if wiped clean after using. The coating is eco-friendly and has a good stain resistance. The coating gives the tablecloth some fade resistance. The coated French tablecloth is not resistant to mold and mildew, is not Stain Proof, it is stain resistant and if cared for properly will serve you well for a long time.

Treated French tablecloths are generally treated with DuPont Teflon®. The liquid treatment is either applied to the finished woven cloth or applied to the yarn before the weaving. The treatment cannot be felt, unlike the acrylic coated tablecloth. Teflon® Treated French Tablecloths Are Not Wipe Off Cloths, they do require washing. Advantages of treated tablecloths, treatment does not change the feel of the fabric, resists stains and spills, keeps tablecloth looking new longer, facilitates easier cleanup, we generally use our Teflon® treated tablecloths three or four times before washing.

Other French Textile information.

Jacquard woven fabric, the name Jacquard comes from “Joseph-Marie Charles nicknamed Jacquard”. He is one of the inventors responsible for the development on the punch-card system that controlled the loom to weave the complicated designs known as Jacquard. This came about in France sometime between 1803 and 1805. More information can be found on Wikipedia under Joseph Marie Jacquard.